I am so sorry to do this.

A lot of people never really understood Webs of Substance. For a start, I picked a bad title. It was based upon a quote from Francis Bacon but, stripped of this context, it sounds pretentious.

And everyone assumed that I was out to convince; that I was making a case in order to persuade. It wasn’t that at all. It gave me the freedom to talk into the void. That’s why it was anonymous; freedom. As it grew, I saw it as a resource for those people who already agreed with me: Do you think knowledge is important too? Great. Here are some useful links.

I know that some of you did find it useful because you said so. Thank you. It lives on as an archive in a beautiful walled garden. If you have a genuine use for it then ask me for the key. But I might say no. Don’t take that personally.

If you are an anonymous blogger then have an exit plan; a better one than mine. I have heard horror stories about bloggers being exposed. It’s weird. People thought my anonymity was about them. They didn’t stop to wonder why I would make that choice. Instead, it was an insult or a slur or the sign of something shady.

Anyway, Goodbye. It’s been a pleasure. Genuinely. But all good things must come to an end. This post, too, will disappear soon. Such is life.

Harry Webb is dead.